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The following demos let you explore visual search using real data. The demos are a mere glance at the wide range of interfaces and capabilities that could be created for visual search applications.

There are three demos, each geared towards a different level of sophistication and experience with visual search.

basic demo Basic Visual Search
A good introduction to how visual search works, using a tightly defined selection of categories and images.
visual vocabulary demo Visual Search using Visual Vocabulary
This database of over 700 space-related images lets you explore the power of Visual Vocabularies using a range of uncategorized images. The search interface remains basic but it lets you quickly "zero in" on images that would be difficult to locate using keywords alone.
advanced ui demo Advanced Visual Search Interface
This database of over 1000 diverse images lets you explore more of the capabilities of visual search using an advanced user interface. You can control what image characteristics the visual search engine uses to determine similarity. You can also select out and search on specific objects within an image (i.e. partial image search). Once you are familiar with how visual search works, this can be an extremely powerful interface.