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Advanced Visual Search Interface Demo
This is a fully functional visual search application that uses the eVe 3 Professional toolkit. It searches from a database of over 1000 uncategorized images selected from a diverse set of sources. The demo is called "Advanced" because it offers a sophisticated interface that lets the user have refined control over how a visual search is performed.
This interface is for the advanced user who understands how object-based visual search works. Using this interface, you can achieve impressively accurate visual search results. It is highly recommended that you begin with the tutorial when the demo launches. Also review the pages on "the art & science to obtaining good visual search results".

eVe advnaced interface demo screenshot Click here to open the demo in a new window. Then follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Type in a keyword
Step 2

Select a Query Image and View the Object Map
Step 3

Search using selected objects and selected visual attributes
Type in a keyword and click the search button. From the search results, find the image that most closely resembles what you are looking for. Click on the magnifying glass icon for that image to open the visual search popup window with the Object Map. Examine the Query Image and its Object Map. For Partial Image Search, select an object. Finally select the relative importance to your search of Color, Shape, Texture, and/or Object (the 3D shading of an image). Click Search to find visually similar images.

Note: This demo is just one possible example and one possible interface using eVe. Search Engines, Digital Asset Management systems, and software developers can use the eVe SDK to create their own custom implementations.