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"Finding the right picture on the Web has been a 50 billion-to-1 shot. The odds are finally starting to come down."
While there have been breakthroughs in text search capabilities, the web still has not delivered on b2b exchangethe ultimate promise of connecting the visual off-line world with the text-centric on-line world. What if you could search the web in the same manner you search through a retail store for the items you want? What if you could ask the web to find and match items in your home with items available through many e-commerce sites? Imagine how this could transform the way the web is used – finally search results could be directly connected to e-commerce transactions.autions

The benefits are clear not only for users, but for search solutions who can now increase their revenues directly or through their affiliat relationships because they have successfully tied the search results to purchase transactions.

The market opportunity is substantial, driven by digital convergence and the growth of corporate use of the web searchweb to reach customers, the market projection is $ 1.4 Billion by 2005.

eVision’s potential strategic and channel partners in this market are text-based search engine, content management vendors and system integrators that are targeting the following end users:

  • Fortune 2000 corporate sites for marketing and digital brand management, business communications with customers, investors, partners, staff, and employee training and education.
  • B2B sites; Industry sponsored vertical e-businesses
  • Auction portals