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Digital Asset Management with

When eVe is integrated into a Digital Asset Management system users can rapidly ingest photographs, graphics, and video assets, make them available immediately online, and search based on image content instead of text or file names only.

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How do users benefit?

  • Increasing the speed and accuracy of the ingesting, cataloging, & indexing process
    Users spend less time categorizing individual products with Visual Meta Tagging™, which groups visually similar assets automatically and lets you apply text tags.
  • Increasing control over growing assets
    eVe helps manage existing media by converting files to assets; exposing hidden assets; and converting browsers into buyers.
  • Increasing relevant, accurate, & fast search results
    Users can find an image, initiate a search, or refine that search in just one click!

eVe positively impacts ROI

Digital Asset Management solution vendors can increase their customers revenues by more than 25% by exposing "hidden" assets and increasing the likelihood that a consumer will find what they are looking for. Costs can be reduced by up to 20% per year through Visual Meta Tagging and reduced "lost" assets. There are many users for whom a Digital Asset Management solution integrated with eVe is a win:

  • Media creators and users – Creative professionals on Corporate nets and Web; Stock houses
  • Entertainment
  • Advertising
  • Marketing communications & Brand management
  • Broadcasting- Interactive tele-media (video on-line news and sports web channels)
  • Publishing
  • Government (NIH, NIST, NIMA, CIA, digital libraries, earth and space sciences)
  • Education and training
  • Security- face recognition
  • Manufacturing- machine vision