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Digital photographs, video, and audio content are growing at an unprecedented rate. Finding the content you want can be challenging at best. Search technologies generally rely on key words and file tags that are exterior to the perceptual content. If the image or video contains a symbol, object, face, or color that isn't referenced by the exterior tag, you will never find it without manually reviewing every piece of content.

For example:

  • How does a CNN video journalist find a specific clip from their extensive library of video tapes, ranging from historical to contemporary, from sports to humanities? Or how does a newspaper journalist find photos that contain specific content?
  • How do engineering and architectural users look for certain drawings or schematics?
  • How do creative directors look for images with specific color, shapes, or compositions?
  • How do consumers organize and search the content of personal photos and video tapes of family events, travel scenes, or social gatherings?
eVe analyzes, indexes, and retrieves images, video, and audio content according to their perceptual features and context.

eVe provides the most advanced visual search solution that is commercially available in the world today. It analyzes photographs, designs, illustrations, video, audio waveforms, or other visual media and produces a description of the content for cataloging and searching. The robust eVe API can successfully be adapted to both professional and consumer markets on a commercial or enterprise scale.

In order to provide customers with a broad range of complete solutions, eVision products have integrated support for a number of strategic platforms and technologies.

How eVe Works:

eVe automatically distills rich-media content into representative visual characteristics (color, shape, texture, and object) to generate visual signatures. These visual signatures are then organized using a powerful indexing scheme for extremely fast image search & retrievals.

Product List

ePhoto ePhoto eVision's cross platform solution enables consumers to view, store, share and visually search digital photos and digital video. Mac OS X & Windows versions now available.
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API The eVe 3 Professional SDK is a powerful suite of Java component development tools that enable you to build, test, and publish your own eVe-powered, visual search applications. The toolkit supports format conversions, image analysis, automatic segmentation and clustering indexes for very rapid search and retrieval. Available for Win32, Sun, Linux, SGI and Mac OS X.
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API The eVe 3 Lite SDK is a subset of the Professional toolkit . It is intended for smaller databases (under 10,000 images) that aren't yet ready to implement the full range of features and performance of the Pro version. The toolkit is available for Win32, Sun, Linux, SGI and Mac OS X.
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Telescope Enterprise The eVe 3 Professional Acuity I-Piece for Telescope Enterprise is a value-added component of North Plains Systems' TeleScope Enterprise. By leveraging TeleScope's unique extensible I-Piece architecture and eVe's powerful suite of Java visual search components, NPS' customers have a new and easier way to search for assets by visual content and move beyond the use of only traditional text metadata.
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Cumulus 5 eVe 3 Lite for Cumulus 5 provides a rapid and automatic visual cataloging process that makes assets available for use in seconds. Once the assets are cataloged, they are available for search using their visual content. This visual search feature integrates seamlessly with the existing search facilities of Cumulus 5. eVe 3 Lite for Cumulus 5 is included with Cumulus 5 Enterprise Edition.
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