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Using eVision Corporate Logos

eVision is pleased to offer the use of its corporate logo and eVe product logo for use by the press for both print and online publications. If you create an online or offline demo using the eVe SDK, you are also encouraged to use the logos in your demo.

The logos are trademarks owned solely and exclusively by eVision, and the goodwill associated with Your use of the logos inures to the benefit of and belongs to eVision. By using the logos you will not do anything inconsistent with eVision's ownership of the logos. You will not use the logos in any manner that suggest eVision's endorsement or recommendation of your product or otherwise creates a false association with eVision.

If you require higher resolution eps versions of the logos, please send an email to media relations at

eVision small logo
eVision Corporate Logo - small (17k jpg)

eVision large logo
eVision Corporate Logo - large (31k jpg)

eVe small logo
eVe - small (14k jpg)

eVe large logo
eVe - large (22k jpg)