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Technology Breakthrough Enables Rapid, Automated Visual Search

Media Indexing Without Manual Intervention or Costly Hardware

SEYBOLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 25, 2001 - Media solution providers attending Seybold Expo today witnessed a technology breakthrough that dramatically enhances media indexing and automated search capability without the use of expensive hardware. eVision, a leader in visual search technology, and Parabon Computation have teamed to apply the unprecedented computational power of the Frontier™ Internet distributed computing platform to eVision's advanced visual search technology, resulting in low-cost, highly automated tools for visual media asset management.

The partnership between eVision and Parabon extends eVision's service offerings by providing supercomputing power to customers with large media asset collections. "Our clients expect solutions that can ingest media assets in a short period of time," said Dr. Mat Malladi, eVision co-founder and CEO. "Parabon's technology combined with eVision's visual search will make large media collections searchable, very quickly, without any manual intervention."

"The ready availability of supercomputation dramatically extends the capability of eVision solutions," explains Parabon CTO James Gannon. "Parabon offers unprecedented computing power ‘as a service,' so media solution providers have ready access to the power they need, whenever they need it."

Text-based search of visual assets within a database or on the Web often fails due to the subjectivity and inadequacy with which text tags and non-standard file names are assigned to visual assets. With the implementation of eVe 3 Professional in any asset management system, the user simply provides an example query image to rapidly initiate a search and return a set of sorted images and/or videos based on visual similarity of content within and relevancy to the original query image.

From creative professionals to the average consumer using mainstream search sites, eVe 3 Professional enables the user to rapidly find desired target products or brand assets using visual media and fewer clicks. Specifically, eVision's technology increases search precision by enabling initiation and search for products based on desired visual features and Visual Vocabulary – a new paradigm in search technology.

eVe 3 Professional integrates seamlessly with existing search mechanisms. Companies can use eVe 3 Professional to create Visual Vocabularies (representative samples of the images in the database). eVe is written in pure Java, is database independent, and will run on any platform that supports a Java Virtual Machine. With its small footprint, eVe can be integrated into any operating system, toolset or application.

About Parabon Computation
For organizations with computationally challenging problems, Parabon delivers unprecedented computing power – on demand – directly to any desktop. This distributed computing solution harnesses the power of idle computers within an enterprise or across the Internet. Frontier™ empowers developers and clients with its portable, economical and easy access to a platform-independent development environment and to massive computation for easy development and deployment of distributed computing applications.

About eVision
eVision was founded in 1999 by a group of experts who have dedicated more than ten years of research to visual search technology. eVision's exclusive technology is the culmination of extensive research in the signal and image processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision fields. The proprietary technology distills images into their representative visual characteristics based on object, color, texture, and shape. eVision's revolutionary solution meets the needs of the $11 billion visual search technology market, including the Web-based search engine, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), media asset management, and high-margin vertical market segments. For more information on eVision the Company or technology inquiries please visit our Web site at:

Parabon and Frontier are trademarks of Parabon Computation, Inc. eVision and eVe are trademarks of eVision. Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.