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North Plains Systems Integrates eVision's Visual Search Technology into Telescope's Enterprise Architecture

SEYBOLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 25, 2001 - eVision, a leader in visual search technology, and North Plains Systems Corp. (NPS), the leading provider of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, today announced at Seybold Expo (NPS booth #417) that they have integrated eVe™ 3 Professional (eVision Visual Engine) as a North Plains System I-Piece™, providing the industry's first content-based visual search option for NPS' TeleScope™ Enterprise DAM solution.

eVision and North Plains Systems will jointly market eVe 3 Professional as a value-added component of TeleScope Enterprise. By leveraging TeleScope's unique extensible I-Piece architecture and eVe's powerful suite of Java component development, NPS' customers have a new and easier way to search for assets. Using eVision's technology, customers can manage digital images by visual content and move beyond the use of only traditional text metadata.

"We are pleased that our technology has been chosen to enhance the TeleScope solution," said Dr. Mat Malladi, eVision founder and CEO. "Our partnership with North Plains gives clients innovative enterprise-class search technologies – regardless of their needs or challenges."

"The addition of eVe 3 Professional to TeleScope Enterprise offers our clients the unique ability to cross language barriers by search visually rather than by words." said Todd Eckler, VP and Director of Technology, North Plains Systems. "The use of visual searching bridges the gaps between content producers and content users by removing the requirement to establish keywords that will work for all users."

North Plains Systems' TeleScope Enterprise is the only true enterprise-wide DAM solution. Utilizing an open XML architecture, TeleScope enables users to extract components of existing documents and dynamically generate new rich-media assets and re-purpose them through multiple delivery channels. TeleScope's distributed architecture enables global organizations the ability to centrally store and systematically share and collaborate on their digital assets TeleScope supports over 300 file formats ranging from graphics, and text, to audio and video and is currently in use many industry verticals such as Media and Entertainment, Publishing, Financial, Medical and Pharmaceutical Research and Global Product and Services organizations.

eVision's technology increases search precision by enabling initiation and search for products based on desired visual features and Visual Vocabulary - a new paradigm in search technology. eVe 3 Professional distills images into their representative visual characteristics, based on object, color, texture and shape. The algorithms employed automatically segment each image into distinct object regions, and generate scale-and rotation-independent descriptions of the regions - known as visual signatures. The visual signatures are then organized into a proprietary indexing scheme for rapid and accurate retrievals. These algorithms can be applied to index image, video, and audio content and any other digital patterns.

eVe 3 Professional integrates seamlessly with existing search mechanisms. The technology is written in pure Java, is database independent, and will run on any platform that supports a Java Virtual Machine. With its small footprint, eVe can be integrated into any operating system, toolset or application.

About NorthPlains Software (
North Plains Systems Corp. (NPS) is the global leader in enterprise and workgroup level Digital Asset Management (DAM). Since 1994, NPS' core technology, TeleScope, has enabled over 400 clients worldwide to organize, track, retrieve and re-purpose their rich media assets resulting in increased productivity and new revenue streams. North Plains' product offering includes TeleScope Enterprise 6.1, TeleScope Workgroup 7.0 and I-Piece Technology. Internationally recognized as best-of-breed, TeleScope is the most robust, scalable and proven technology on the market to have both a native client (MacOS and Windows) and an HTML-based web client supporting all major databases. With its open API and support of industry standards, TeleScope is the only true DAM solution. NPS also offers complete integration services for TeleScope Enterprise customers performed by highly skilled professionals with the technical expertise to customize TeleScope to the business practices and workflow of an organization. North Plains Systems has a select and certified channel of system integrators who focus on the implementation of the TeleScope Workgroup product.

About eVision
eVision was founded in 1999 by a group of experts who have dedicated more than ten years of research to visual search technology. eVision's exclusive technology is the culmination of extensive research in the signal and image processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision fields. The proprietary technology distills images into their representative visual characteristics based on object, color, texture, and shape. eVision's revolutionary solution meets the needs of the $11 billion visual search technology market, including the Web-based search engine, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), media asset management, and high-margin vertical market segments. For more information on eVision the Company or technology inquiries please visit our Web site at:

Members of the media are cordially invited to visit North Plains Systems at Booth #417 during Seybold San Francisco, September 25th-27th, in the South Hall of the Moscone Center.