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eVision’s Breakthrough Cross Platform Solution Enables Consumers to View, Store, Share and Visually Search Digital Photos and Digital Video

MACWORLD, TOKYO – March 20, 2002 - eVision, a leader in visual search technology, today announced the world’s first cross platform software solution that enables digital photos and videos to be viewed, stored, shared and visually searched. The ePhoto application is a cross platform alternative to the Apple® iPhoto application, and is available for Mac® OS X, with Mac® OS 9 and Windows support to follow. In addition to the features available in iPhoto, ePhoto also adds the ability to import, store, display and manage video as well as still images. ePhoto will be available in Q2 2002 as a free download at with up to 750 images per user, with a prosumer and professional version available later this year.

Now, not only can consumers view, store and share their favorite photos or videos, but they can visually search the images or video frames based on any combination of color, object, shape and texture.

"ePhoto surpasses the functionality of programs such as Apple’s iPhoto with the ability to visually search large collections of digital photos, and for the first time ever, digital videos," said Dr. Mat Malladi, eVision co-founder and CEO. "ePhoto provides consumers with an easy way to build personalized albums of fond memories of events like birthdays, vacations and anniversaries that are now visually searchable, eliminating the laborious task of scrolling through each image and video one by one."

ePhoto Key Features:

- Easy: 100% Java - runs on Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 and Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.
- Fast: Millisecond ingestion and searching for digital images and videos
- Accurate: Single-Click search; Customizable for advanced object/partial image search.
- Flexible:

  • Enables search of digital images and video frames using keywords or with queries generated by digitally capturing, scanning, importing from a file, or painting a sketch on Query Pad™ or using Visual Vocabulary™ generated by ePhoto
  • Supports unlimited keywords and all basic photo editing functions
  • Handles large collections
  • Enables publishing (Internet or Apple’s iDisk), and Sharing photos and Videos

"We are encouraging the ever growing developer community to take this pure Java application and create similar applications or features based on our technology to further benefit vertical industries like medical imaging and domestic security," adds Malladi. "If you like iPhoto then you will love ePhoto."

How ePhoto Works:
ePhoto contains all required functions for image and video ingestion and search. It has four functions: import, analysis, storage, indexing, and search/retrieval. ePhoto also extracts, analyzes, and indexes key frames from digital video, making them completely searchable.

ePhoto is based on the most advanced visual search technology commercially available in the world today. The eVe' technology integrates seamlessly with existing search mechanisms and digital asset management systems. Companies can use eVe to create their own Visual Vocabularies (representative samples of the images in the database). Written in pure Java and database independent, eVe will run on any platform that supports a Java Virtual Machine. With its small footprint, eVe can be integrated into any operating system, toolset or application.

About eVision
eVision was founded in 1999 by a group of experts who have dedicated more than ten years of research to visual search technology. eVision's exclusive technology is the culmination of extensive research in the signal and image processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision fields. The proprietary technology distills images into their representative visual characteristics based on object, color, texture, and shape. eVision's revolutionary solution meets the needs of the $11 billion visual search technology market, including the Web-based search engine, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), media asset management, and high-margin vertical market segments. For more information on eVision the Company or technology inquiries please visit our Web site at: