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eVision Integrates It's Proprietary eVe Visual Search Technology With
Canto's Cumulus 5

SAN FRANCISCO, CA./ OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL. – October 24, 2001 -Canto, a leading supplier of Digital Asset Management products and services, and eVision, a leader in visual search technology, today announced eVision’s proprietary eVe technology, recently launched at the Seybold Seminars in San Francisco, has been fully integrated into Cumulus 5, Canto’s award-winning digital asset management program.

Through the integration of the eVe technology, Canto customers will be able to distill images into their representative visual features, based on object, color, texture and shape. The algorithms employed automatically segment each image into distinct object regions, and generate scale-and rotation-independent descriptions of the regions – known as visual signatures. These visual signatures are then organized into a proprietary indexing scheme for rapid and accurate retrievals. The algorithms can be applied to index image content, video content, audio content and any other digital patterns

“Canto is extremely pleased to be able to bring fast, accurate visual search technology to its customers in a fully integrated format,” says Jennifer Neumann, Canto’s CEO. “Because our clients lead the way in adopting and using technology intelligently, they place a high value on features that can improve their work processes. Canto is proud to be able to bring them yet another option for saving time and money in managing digital assets.”

“When we learned that speed, accuracy, the option to search by object and a low cost were highly prized features for Canto’s impressive client roster, we extended our teams and worked hard to weave these two technologies into the complete solution they now are,” said Dr. Mat Malladi, eVision’s CEO and co-founder. “We believe we are the best of breed when it comes to visual search. And, to top it off, we are the only solution ready for market today–and that’s why Canto has chosen eVe.”

The eVe Lite version of eVision’s technology will be included in the Enterprise Edition of Cumulus 5. In the future, eVe Lite will also be available for the Workgroup Edition of Cumulus 5. The integrated product will be available in November 2001.

Cumulus 5
Cumulus 5 is the perfect archiving system for multimedia data (aka digital assets). The Cumulus 5 platform also offers a flexible base for any kind of workflow solution for assets in production. Cumulus is a high-end application for managing and publishing all types of media assets such as images, layouts, presentations, video, audio and text. The program offers powerful search capabilities, comprehensive customizing options, e.g. user-definable fields, and Internet access, incl. HTML export, e-mailing and more.

When cataloging your digital assets Cumulus automatically reads the contained metadata, creates a thumbnail and references to the original data - no matter which storage media they are on. The Cumulus product line consists of three Editions: Enterprise, Workgroup, and Single User, as well as additional Options offered either by Canto or Partner companies.

eVe Technology
From creative professionals to the average consumer using mainstream search sites, eVe enables the user to rapidly find desired target products or brand assets using visual media and fewer clicks. Specifically, eVision’s technology increases search precision by enabling initiation and search for products based on desired visual features and Visual Vocabulary - a new paradigm in search technology.

The eVe technology integrates seamlessly with existing search mechanisms and digital asset management systems. Companies can use eVe to create their own Visual Vocabularies (representative samples of the images in the database). The technology then enables users to initiate search in five different ways; text, or an image that's captured, scanned or imported from a file, or by using a Visual Vocabulary item. eVe is written in pure Java, is database independent, and will run on any platform that supports a Java Virtual Machine. With its small footprint, eVe can be integrated into any operating system, toolset or application.

About eVision
eVision was founded in 1999 by a group of experts who have dedicated more than ten years of research to visual search technology. eVision's exclusive technology is the culmination of extensive research in the signal and image processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision fields. The proprietary technology distills images into their representative visual characteristics based on object, color, texture, and shape. eVision's revolutionary solution meets the needs of the $11 billion visual search technology market, including the Web-based search engine, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), media asset management, and high-margin vertical market segments. For more information on eVision the Company or technology inquiries please visit our Web site at:

About Canto
Founded in 1990, Canto is a leading supplier of Digital Asset Management products and services. Canto is committed to delivering world-class solutions at an inexpensive price to the creative arts, publishing, corporate communications and other industries. The company's product line "Cumulus" is designed to manage and archive all types of digital assets used in production, publishing, communication, and other workflows. The Cumulus product line offers cross-platform and Internet technology that scales completely from Enterprise to Single Users. With hundreds of thousands of Cumulus licenses sold, and more than 8,500 client/server systems installed worldwide, Canto is the clear market leader measured by market share.

Copyright 2001 Canto Software Inc. All rights reserved. Canto, the Canto logo and Cumulus are registered trademarks of Canto. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.