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Visual Search, Marketing Effectiveness Leaders Join Forces, Technologies

OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL & SAN FRANCISCO, CA - November 27, 2001 - eVision, the leader in visual search technology, and Blue Scope Technologies, Inc., a leader in marketing effectiveness solutions, today announced a partnership in which the two companies will integrate their offerings within the Blue Scope Marketing Effectiveness solution.

Until now, very little attention has been paid to developing a platform for optimizing marketing processes, collaboration, and visibility and eliminating marketing inefficiencies. One of the primary areas of inefficiencies is the management of visual assets. These inefficiencies divert marketing teams' away from their primary focus of executing programs that sell products and services. A lack of integrated strategy, execution, and controls causes marketers to spend as much as 30% of their time searching for, tracking approval of and making comments on images.

By combining their visual search and image context technology with the Blue Scope PAR enterprise application, eVision and Blue Scope will create a powerful alternative to text search that significantly improves the user experience for marketers and provides a cost- and time-efficient option to finding the content they need.

"With the addition of Blue Scope's marketing effectiveness solution, we can offer our existing and future customers a best-of-breed solution that makes sense to marketers around the globe," said Dr. Mat Malladi, eVision's CEO and co-founder. "Through our commercially available object-based visual search solution, we're the only technology that will allow customers to search, find and retrieve visual assets based on content and context.".

Traditional image repository methods using basic tags such as "man with phone" offer marketers no visibility into how the image was used in previous campaigns, who used it, how effective it was and what other uses of the image are planned. Blue Scope's PAR system addresses this issue by providing an accurate, easily understood context for each image. eVision's eVe technology makes utilizing the assets element of PAR even easier through a rapid and automatic visual indexing process.

"We view this partnership with eVision as very strategic to the growth of our Blue Scope PAR offering," said Michael Shaw, CEO of Blue Scope. "Blue Scope's goal is to free marketers to focus on creating value by driving demand and impacting sales. Adding a very user-friendly visual search capability to our enterprise application creates the potential for tremendous cost and time savings in the area of visual asset management."

About Blue Scope Technologies
Founded in 1999, Blue Scope Technologies, Inc. is a leader in Marketing Effectiveness solutions. The Blue Scope PAR™ system provides a robust enterprise application that is focused on two critical aspects of marketing; effectiveness and efficiency. An easy to use, highly functional application for Process Management, Asset Management, and Resource Management (PAR™) for leading marketing organizations. Blue Scope Technologies is based in San Francisco, California with offices in Austin, Texas, and Los Angeles, California. For additional information, please visit

About eVision
eVision was founded in 1999 by a group of experts who have dedicated more than ten years of research to visual search technology. eVision's exclusive technology is the culmination of extensive research in the signal and image processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision fields. The proprietary technology distills images into their representative visual characteristics based on object, color, texture, and shape. eVision's revolutionary solution meets the needs of the $11 billion visual search technology market, including the Web-based search engine, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), media asset management, and high-margin vertical market segments. For more information on eVision the Company or technology inquiries please visit our Web site at: