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eVe - visual search toolkit
SDK - What is coming in Version 4 Professional

eVision is already working on the 4 Professional version of the eVe visual search SDK.

What are the anticipated features in 4 Professional?

1. C++ and COM API interfaces
Version 4.0 introduces both C++ and COM interfaces, in addition to Java. This expands the range of developers who can develop eVe applications and makes it possible to integrate eVe into any existing application or web service.
Multiple Resolution Analysis in eVe 3.0
2. Disk Crawler capability
You will be able to tell eVe to automatically ingest all images on your machine or network.
3. Multiple Resolution Analysis
With Multiple Resolution Analysis, the eVe engine will automatically determine the optimal number of segment regions for any particular image. For example, simple images may have only 2 regions, while complex images may have 5.

Support for SQL server for indexing
eVe 4 Profesional will allow the indexes of the MediaCollection to be stored in SQL Server, as well as Object Store and flat files (currently supported in eVe Professional 3).

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