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Software Developer Kit (SDK)

eVision is excited to announce the release of the eVe 3 Professional visual search SDK. This version of eVe adds even more versatility and functionality to the visual search API.

What's new in version 3 Professional?

eVe 3 Professional adds many features that broaden its functionality and strengthen its presence in the content-based image retrieval marketplace. Major enhancements in 3 Professional include:

100% Java implementation on all major platforms.
Java logo3 Professional is 100% Java-based. Distributions are available for Win32, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X and IRIX.

View eVe on Mac OS X

Enhanced access to the metadata fields within a MediaCollection
eVe 4 Profesional will give you the ability to define and query the names of the Keys (categories) that contain metadata. You can also query the values associated with those Keys, and all of the images that have those values. For example, you can find that one Key is "Color", and ask for the values under "Color". You might get back "Blue", "Red", and "Brown". Then you can get all of the names of the images that have a value of "Red".

3. Video Keyframe extraction
Version 3.0 lets you perform visual search on analog and digital video as well as images and graphics. The engine is able to "watch" video and index a keyframe just as if it were any other still image. You can then search for videos with keyframes that match a query image. You can also use this to create storyboard representations or automatically annotate the video for later navigation.
Video Keyframe Extraction & Search in eVe v 3.0

Support for Oracle server for indexing
eVe 3 Profesional will allow the indexes of the MediaCollection to be stored in Oracle Server, as well as Object Store and flat files.


Bug fixes and code optimizations.

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