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eVe - visual search toolkit
Developer SDK - Evaluation Release Sign-up

To receive password protected access to download the eVe 3 Professional Developer SDK - Evaluation Release , please complete the following form. The form consists of four sections: Developer Contact Info, Login Name Selection, Qualification questions, and eVe Focus questions. All questions should be answered to qualify for the evaluation version. Questions marked with a red asterisk * are mandatory.

Once we receive, evaluate and approve this information, we will notify you via e-mail confirming your login name to access the eVe SDK download.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: eVision does not provide any technical support for the SDK evaluation version. However, the discussion boards are open to all and are frequented by eVision engineers. Technical support is of course, available to full licensees of the eVe SDK.

Developer Info

* licensee name*:
* first name:
* last name:
state or province:
zip or postal code:
* country:
* email:
*If the licensee is a company, then I certify that I have authority to bind this company to the terms and conditions of this evaluation program. If the licensee is an individual, then you may not distribute this login name & password to anyone or any entity.

Login Name

Please choose a Login Name for access to the evaluation SDK website.

Note a) If you are already signed up for the eVe SDK Discussion Boards, please select the same login name as you have registered in the discussion boards. If your application is approved we will enable access to the private SDK download forum.
  b) If you are not yet registered for the eVe SDK Discussion Boards, when you sign up and are approved for SDK download, we will automatically register you on the boards as well.

Your one login name and password will give you access to both the SDK download/updates and the Discussion Boards.

* login name:

Developer Qualifications

  1. * How would you categorize your business?
    ISV    VAR    Systems Integrator    In-house Developer
    Other (please specify)

  2. How many developers/coders are in your organization?
    individual    2-5    5-15   >15

  3. * Please check off the industries that apply to your business i.e. where you would develop with eVe. (Select all that apply)
    Wholesale/Retail Trades
    Health Care
    Insurance/Legal Services/Real Estate
    Other (please specify)

  4. Which of the following types of web sites is your organization (or your consulting clients) deploying? (Select all that apply)
    Internet - consumer Web site for public business-to-consumer purposes
    Internet - business Web site for public business-to-business purposes
    Intranet Web site for internal company communications
    Extranet Web site for communications among company and its suppliers/clients

  5. Please list any certifications that you currently hold (e.g. Microsoft, Oracle, Novell, Lotus etc).

  6. Platforms for which you develop. (Select all that apply)

    Intel    Sun    Macintosh   SGI   

    * OS
    Win32    Solaris    Linux   UNIX      IRIX    MacOS  

    * Preferred coding languages
    C++   COM    Java    other (specify)

  7. Please list any Digital Asset Management system (if any) that you or your clients are currently using.

Using eVe

  1. Please describe any specific projects where you could use eVe.

  2. * For your visual search consulting or in-house development projects, how many digital assets do you have?
    < 1000    1000 - 5000    > 5000

  3. What are the typical image resolutions you need for thumbnails/previews in search results?
    < 64 X 64    128 X 128    512 X 512    other (specify)

  4. Please rate the importance of being able to do a visual/pattern search on:
    Images   unimportant   somewhat important   very important
    Video unimportant   somewhat important   very important
    Audio unimportant   somewhat important   very important

  5. Which interests you the most?
    Developing & hosting a custom eVe solution on your own or a client's server
    Using a solution hosted on eVision's servers

  6. May we showcase the application you build with eVe on our web-site?
    yes    no

By submitting this Evaluation Sign-up Form I agree to the terms and conditions.